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Q. What is Natural Gas ?
Ans. PNG is mainly methane – CH4 with a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons. The ratio of carbon to hydrogen is least in methane and hence it burns almost completely making it the cleanest fuel. It is procured from the oil / gas wells and transported through a network of pipelines across the country.
Q. Where is PNG stored in Delhi ?
Ans. PNG is mainly methane – CH4 with a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons. The ratio of carbon to hydrogen is least in methane and hence it burns almost completely making it the cleanest fuel. It is procured from the oil / gas wells and transported through a network of pipelines across the country.
Q. Is the supply of PNG regular ?
Ans. Yes, the supply is absolutely regular. The pipeline distribution network is based on an on-line supply system that consists of safety valves and regulators that control and monitor the gas supply and pressure, and assist in identifying system leaks. Thus an un-interrupted supply at a constant pressure is assured.
Q. What changes are required for conversion of an LPG appliance to be PNG friendly ?
Ans. PNG works on a cooking appliance just like LPG does. Converting an existing LPG appliance to a PNG friendly one is done by trained IGL technicians, and at no extra cost.
Q. What becomes of the LPG cylinders after the cooking appliance gets converted ?
Ans. The LPG connection can be surrendered to the respective oil company and security deposit refund obtained.You are under obligation to discontinue the LPG connection as per the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas directive dated 23.09.09 according to which both LPG & PNG connection cannot be availed at the same address (even under different names / relations). If however you do not submit the same within 60 days of completion of PNG connection as per the directive, PNG supply shall be discontinued.
Q. What is a domestic PNG connection ?
Ans. A domestic PNG connection includes conversion of one LPG appliance to PNG, laying of associated Galvanized Iron (GI)& Copper (Cu) pipeline network, along with necessary fittings, pressure regulator and a meter.
Q. What is the cost of getting a PNG connection ?
Ans. Cost of PNG connection is dependent on the type of house and installation charges are as applicable at the time of registration. Applicable interest free refundable security deposit is to be deposited for a PNG connection.
Q. What is the procedure of ownership Transfer of PNG connection if the new flat purchased is having an existing IGL PNG domestic connection.
Ans. The procedure to be followed for name change/ownership transfer request:

1. Customer is required to fill a registration form for name change/ownership transfer. After filling the applicable form, same may be couriered to:

DGM (Marketing)
Marketing Department,
Indraprastha Gas Ltd.
IGL Bhawan, Plot no. 4, Community Centre
Sector- 9 , R K Puram
New Delhi -110022
2. Customer is required to clear all outstanding PNG Bills of previous owner.
3. NOC (Affidavit) from previous owner/IGL PNG connection holder regarding change in name & transfer for Refundable Security Deposit (if deposited)
4. An Application for name change/ownership transfer.
5. Ownership Proof –any one of these
- Sales deed copy
- Copy of Electricity Bill (current)
- Copy of House tax receipt (current)
Q. What is the system of billing ?
Ans. Billing is based on the meter readings taken by the authorised IGL staff once in two months for the domestic consumers. The bills are delivered at the customer's residence or on email’s (if E-Bill service is opted). The payment of the bills can be made by using any of the payments modes specified under 'Payment Modes' in PNG section.
Q. How are customer queries and complaints attended to ?
Ans. We have 24 hour helpline service for attending to your queries / complaints. Our network of control rooms are manned 24 hours by Engineers and trained technicians to address any queries / complaints.
Q. What is a domestic PNG connection?
Ans. A domestic PNG connection includes conversion of one LPG appliance to PNG, laying of associated Galvanised Iron (GI) pipeline network, along with necessary fittings, pressure regulator &meter. The domestic PNG Customer shall bear the actual cost of material and labour charges for Galvanised Iron (GI) & Copper (Cu) pipe in excess of 15 meters from individual customer’s riser isolation valve.

All fittings & equipment as provided by the Supplier for the purpose of supply of PNG shall remain the property of the Supplier. The Customer shall remain the custodian of such properties and shall ensure the safety of this equipment’s.
Q. What is the timeline for providing domestic PNG connection?
Ans. Upon Registration IGL shall put its best efforts to provide the connection within three months of payment realisation.
Q. How does Gas Pipeline reaches to our house?
Ans. For Delhi & NCR, IGL gets the source natural gas through the main transportation pipe and receive it at city gate station and steel grid network is developed. To regularise the pressure of the gas, district regulatory system is installed. Further a network of MDPE is developed to reach to different societies and buildings etc. the regulator followed by riser with GI pipeline is installed which is connected to a meter. A copper pipe and further rubber tubing is done to get PNG reach to stoves.
Q. What are Zonal Emergency Numbers of Delhi & NCR?
Ans. DELHI : CENTRAL ZONE : 8130995001, SOUTH ZONE: 8130995002, WEST ZONE : 8130995003,
NORTH ZONE : 8130995004,EAST ZONE : 8130995005
U.P : GR. NOIDA : 8130995006, GHAZIABAD : 8130995007 NOIDA : 8130995008
Q. What are the benefits of PNG over LPG?





Being lighter than air escapes to atmosphere in case of leakage. On leakage, LPG expands 250 times, which is not the case with PNG. The combustible mixture of natural gas and air does not ignite if the mixture is leaner than 5% and richer than 15% of the air-fuel ratio required for ignition. This narrow in flammability range makes PNG one of the safest fuels in the world.

Many instances of cylinder blast causing fatal accidents and damaging human life & property.


No possibility of theft. A unique feature is that the user gets to pay only after consumption of gas. The domestic consumer pays the PNG bill only once in every two months.

Chances of short weight cylinder delivery.


No possibility of adulteration

Adulteration possible

Quantity loss

Only pay for gas entirely used as per meter. No loss. In case the consumption is less than 4 scm in a bi-monthly billing cycle, consumer is liable to pay minimum Rs. 100 towards PNG Bill. 

Loss of gas left out at bottom of the cylinder specially during winter


24 X7 uninterrupted supply. No tension of booking for refill

Headache of booking cylinders. Fear of cylinder getting emptied in odd hours




Price of Gas

No price difference for high usage.

Domestic PNG Prices w.e.f. 04th December 2016 (including VAT) 

Delhi - Rs. 24.05 per scm
NCR - Rs. 25.56 per scm

Charged at higher price (Non subsidised) for use beyond 12 cylinders per year

Q. What is the supply pressure for Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Connections ?



Domestic Connections

21 millibar

Commercial Connections

300/500 millibar & 2 bar

Industrial Connections

500 millibar, 2/4 bar

Q. What are the directives for Emergency?
Ans. 1. Turn off the valve available on gas line near PNG meter & regulator
2. Open all the doors and windows of the kitchen & house for escape of gas
3. Immediate stop all the fire appliances
4. Do not on/off any electrical appliances
5. Cover the gas leakage point with a wet cloth
6. Do not use open flame
7. Keep away people from the leakage area
8. Do not panic in case of emergency & stay away from the area
9. Do not send rumour in case of emergency
10. Immediately inform to GAIL gas regional office regarding the emergency situation.
Q. What is cost of getting a PNG connection?
Ans. An interest free refundable security deposit of Rs.5,000/- and Rs.1,000/- towards bill payment security deposit (Refundable) towards bill for consumption per domestic connection shall be deposited through Cheque/DD/PO payable at part in New Deli in favour of “Indraprastha Gas Limited” towards the security of the equipment’s and facilities at defined in the PNGRB Regulations 2008.
Q. What are responsibilities of customer for installation of domestic PNG connection?
Ans. It shall be the responsibility of the customer to provide access to the route as decided by the supplier for laying of pipeline inside the boundary wall of the premises of his/her residence. However, in case of flats located in multi storey housing societies, the Customer shall arrange NOC, if required for laying of pipelines, through the common portions/areas/walls inside of such housing complex, from the person/society concerned. In the event of non-receipt of such clearance in a reasonable time frame Supplier shall cancel the registration and refund the security deposit.
Q. Whether PNG can be supplied through concealed piping?
Ans. After installation, Customer will not permit interference with PNG equipment and supply line by any person not authorized by IGL. Only IGL’s authorized representative will have access to rectify any problem and maintain the equipment. IGL does not supply gas in concealed piping & any unauthorized concealing/tempering/relocation of PNG installation is not permitted and shall be solely at the risk and cost of Customer. In such cases, the Supplier would forfeit the security deposit of Rs.5,000/-. The Supplier reserves the right to discontinue PNG supply in case PNG equipment has been interfered with.
Q. Whether PNG connection can be extended from one floor to another?
Ans. Each Meter shall be treated as a separate PNG connection. Extension from one floor to another shall be treated as new connection. Extension of gas pipeline in kitchen on the same floor can be provided as extra point and on payment of extra pipeline length i.e @ Rs.402 per meterand appliance valve @ Rs. 490 each.The rates (inclusive of service & material cost) are provided on website under head “Payable Service & Charges”.
Q. How to get refund of Security Deposit?
Ans. If Customer desires to surrender the PNG connection, the Customer would be required to log his request at IGL’s Toll Free No 1800-102-5109/1800-180-5109& get his connection disconnected. After disconnection, a written request along with the Photostat copy of cheque or cancelled cheque in original shall be submitted in IGL Marketing Department for NEFT of Security Deposit to their bank accounts. The security would be released after deducting the final bill amount and other dues, if any, after taking the meter and other fittings in the safe custody of the Supplier.
Q. What modes are available with IGL for bill payment?
Ans. Bill payment can be done through the following modes. The details has been mentioned on website under head “Payment Modes” :

  • Electronic Payments : Credit Card, Net banking, ECS, EBPP, Standing Instruction on Card, E-wallet, QR code
  • Cheques Deposit : Drop Boxes at various location of Delhi & NCR
  • Cash collection Branches of IDBI& Retail channels of Easy Bill, Money on Mobile &Oxigen
Q. What is the procedure of temporary stoppage of billing during the period of non-usage of Domestic PNG Connection?
Ans. The customer can opt for temporary disconnection of domestic PNG connection in case of not using Gas due to unavailability.For billing lock & non-generation of bill, during the period of customer’s non-availability, kindly give request for temp. disconnection& provide the access for temp disconnection. The applicable charges are :

Temporary Disconnection (Personal Reason) – Non-dismantling of GI/CU installation - Rs.25/- per month (only Appliance Removal & Plug) + Visit charges Of Rs.150/-
Q. is an Estimated invoice and Retail invoice:
Ans. Estimated invoice is generated in case, a house is found to be locked (after repeat visits) at the time of meter reading. An estimated bill is based on customers past consumption trend. Retail Invoice is based on the actual photo meter reading collected from the premise at the time of periodic meter reading.
Q. How to opt for E- Bill subscription.
Ans. E-bill can be subscribed either by registering through Online Self Service Portal or by registering request on 24 hour Customer Care No. 1800-102-5109/1800-180-5109Customer has to login to self-service customer portal of IGL, go to my profile and then by editing and clicking on subscribe e-bill, the request will be registered.Customer Can also send email id or consent through SMS on 57575000.
Q. How to register for IGL Online Self Service Customer Portal.
Ans. For registering on self-service Customer Portal please click on “CUSTOMER REGISTRATION” in Customer Zone section of IGL website. Submit all the required details for generating user id and password for Self Service Portal. Kindly register/update email id and mobile no if there is any change in existing details available with IGL by requesting the same through our 24 hr customer care no.
Q. What are the applicable charges for payable services.
Ans. Applicable charges for payable servicesare as follows :
S.NO Complaint Category REVISED CHARGES (A+B+C+D)
Unit Services
Material (Last purchasing cost + 15% administrative charges)
Applicable Visit charges (In Rs.)
(C )
Inspection Manpower and Liasion charges
Type (Service/ Material)
1 Rubber tube Replacement (for length of 1.5 mtrs.) No Rs. 204/- Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Nil Service+Material
2 NG Conversion for Private customers No Free Service-Upto 15 days of RFC. After 15 days of RFC -Rs. 86/- per burner.i.e. (no. of burnersX86) Contractor scope (included in services) Rs. 150/- Nil Service
3 Flame Problem No Free service - Upto 15 days of first NG Conversion & New Stove conversion. After 15 days, Rs. 86/- per burner i.e. (no. of burners x 86) Contractor scope (included in services) Rs. 150/- Nil Service
4 New Stove Conversion (excl. supply of rubber hose) & Reconversion to LPG No (no. of burners x 86) Contractor scope (included in services) Rs. 150/- Nil Service
5 Temporary Disconnection (Personal Reason) - Non dismanting of GI/CU installation No Rs 25/- per month to be applicable on prorata basis NA Rs. 150/- Nil NA
6 Temporary disconnection/Plugging of MDPE service line for existing user Mtr Rs. 2308 per mtrs. Fitting/End cap cost per piece - Rs. 80/- NIl Nil Service+Material
7 Modification in PNG installation using existing material and additional material No Considering Reflixing Length per running meters@ Rs. 347/-per mtr. is using existing material
(If qty. of old removed pipe is more than re-installed pipe, removal charges for balance pipe will be Rs. 99/- per mtr.) If additional pipe will be installed then below mentioned rates are applicable.
GI Pipe/mtrs. (1/2")= Rs. 429/-
GI Pipe/mtrs.(3/4")= Rs. 451/-
Cu Pipe/mtrs= Rs. 462/-
Material Shall be kept in custody of IGL, if balance after modification.
Contractor scope (included in services) NIl Rs. 500 (Inspection manpower Charges) Service+Material
No If no modification is carried out. Nil Rs. 150/- Nil NA
8 Temporary Disconnection (Renovation)/Removal Charges for GI/CU pipeline No If inside kitchen -
(A) Dismanting (GI Pipe - 3/4", 1/2" and Cu Pipe) - Rs. 99/- per mtr. +
(B) Rs. 105/- for Appliance valve with rubber tube

If kitchen, lateral & riser complete -
(A) Dismanting (GI Pipe - 3/4", 1/2" and Cu Pipe) - Rs. 99/- per mtr. +
(B) Rs. 105/- for Appliance valve with rubber tube

After temporary connection, material shall be kept in custody of IGL.
Contractor scope (included in services) Rs. 500/- (Inspection manpower Charges) Nil Service
9 Re-installation (GI Pipe-3/4", 1/2" and Cu Pipe)/Restoration of installation Mtrs Rs. 325/- per mtrs Contractor scope (included in services)/td> NIl Rs. 500/- as inspection manpower charge Service+Material
10 Permananent Disconnection No Govt./Institutional Flats/Private - Rs. 105/- (only Appliance Removal & Plug)

After permanent connection material shall be kept in custody of IGL
Contractor scope (included in services) Rs. 150/- Nil Service
No (A) Dismanting (GI Pipe-3/4", 1/2" and Cu Pipe) - Rs. 99/- per mtrs +
(B) Rs. 105/- for Appliance valve +
(C ) Rs. 105/- per Isolation valve

After permanent connection, material shall be kept in custodyof IGL
Contractor scope (included in services) NIl Rs. 500/- per connection as inspection charge Service
11 Geyser Point/Extra Point (Additional Point/Additional Piping) Mtrs GI Pipe/mtrs. (1/2")= Rs. 429/-
GI Pipe/mtrs.(3/4")= Rs. 451/-
Cu Pipe/mtrs= Rs. 462/-
Appliance valve (1/2")= Rs. 347/-
Appliance valve (1/2")= Rs. 143/- Nil Nil Service+Material
No If no modification is carried out. NA Rs. 150 Nil NA
12 Emergency Call - Leakage at 21 mbar - Rubber tube, GI Pipe & Copper tube, appliance valve & fittings etc. No Free Free Nil Nil Service
13 Damage to Aboveground piping (Material & installation) No (A) 3000 (penalty charges) +
(B) Modification Charges as per Sl. No. 7 +
(C ) Item-wise cost of material (i.e. Meter/Regulator/Meter-Regulator etc.) (whichever is replaced)
As per the material Nil Nil Service+Material
14 Meter related issues (running fast) No Rs. 950 (if meter is not faulty-as penalty charges) + Rs. 413 NA Nil Nil Service
15 Wrong meter reading No If Reading not wrong NA Rs. 150/- Nil Service
16 Special Meter Reading No Marketing to take approval Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Nil Service
17 Meter not working No Free NA Nil Nil Service
18 NOC Issuance No Free NA Nil Nil Service
19 No Gas Supply No Free NA Nil Nil Service
20 Remeasurement of PNG installation/Extra Pipe (on customer request) No Rs. 209/- (In case variation observed) Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Rs. 350 as manpower inspection charge (In case variation observed) Service
21 Temporary Disconnection (Defaulter) No Shall be given by Marketing department NA NA Nil NA
22 Restoration - Civil Work No Free NA Nil Nil Service
23 Improper PNG Installation - GI & Copper (if customer complaining regarding improper installation after RFC/NG) No After RFC & signing of customer, Rates as per the modification charges against Sl. No. 7 will be applicable Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Nil Service
24 MDPE Pipeline Laying/Shifting-20mm Mtrs. Rs. 533/mtrs Rs. 33/- per mtrs. Nil (A) Rs. 500/- as inspection charge +

(B) Rs. 3000/- as liasion charges for local authorities
MDPE Pipeline Laying/Shifting-32mm Mtrs. Rs. 588/mtrs Rs. 55/- per mtrs. Nil Service+Material
MDPE Pipeline Laying/Shifting-63mm Mtrs. Rs. 643/mtrs Rs. 206/- per mtrs. Nil Service+Material
Transition Fittings shifting including construction of pedestal. Nos. Rs. 2885/ No. Rs. 261/- per No. Nil Service+Material
25 Damage to underground assets (PE pipeline damage/TF Damage(in case damage done due to customer) No (A) Penalty of damage on account of lapses in safety (Rs. 5000) +
(B) Repair Charges - (Sl. No. 24) +
(C) gas loss.
Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Nil Service+Material
26 Painting of GI Pipe (On customer request) MR Rs. 33/- per meter Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Rs. 200/- as inspection charge Service+Material
27 Leakage Testing of Individual House (On Customer request) No Rs. 347/- per Customer Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Service
28 Install/ Replace Meter bracket (On Customer Request) No NA Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Service
29 Replace & Install Clamp-3/4" and 1/2" (On Customer request) No Rs. 33/- per clamp Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Service+Material
30 Replace & Install PVC clamp for Cu (On Customer request) No Rs. 17/- per clamp Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Service+Material
31 Replacement of meter (If tempered/ external damaged by customer) No Rs. 435/- Rs. 1200/- Nil Nil Service+Material
32 Replacement of meter-Regualtor (If Tempered/ external damaged by customer) No Rs. 358/- Rs. 692/- Nil Nil Service+Material
33 Replace/ Install New Isolation/ Appliance valve (any extra point) No AApplaince valve=Rs. 347/- each
Isolation valve= Rs. 347/- each
Appliance valve(1/2")=Rs. 143/-
Isolation valve(3/4")= Rs. 254/-
Nil Nil Service+Material
34 NG Conversion + rubber tube for length of 1.5 mtrs. In case of 2nd time connection at Government flats on same address. No (a) Rs. 204/- for rubber tube
(b) Rs. 86/- per burner for NG , whichever will be executed.
Contractor scope (included in services) Rs. 150/- Nil Service+Material
35 Replacement of Anaconda (On customer Request) No Rs. 462/- Contractor scope (included in services) Nil Nil Service+Material
36 Reconversion to LPG No (no. of burners x 83) Contractor scope (included in services) Rs. 150/- Nil Service


1- For C&I connections, separate charges are applicable
2- The rates of material and services may be changed subject to change of tenders.
3- The rates of services (A) considered above are including taxes .i.e.@22.1%
The charges for the payable services availed will reflect in the bimonthly bills along with gas usage bills.

Q. Are there any extra charges for Installation of Domestic PNG Connection
Ans. At the time of installation of Domestic PNG connection if the GI/Copper pipeline length exceeds beyond 15 meters from individual customer riser isolation valve, Rs.402 per meter will be charged for extrapipelength.
Q. What are IGL Customer care No and Emergency Nos.
Ans. 24X7 Customer Care No : 1800-102-5109/1800-180-5109
Emergency No. : 155216 or 1800-111-817
Q. Is PNG be used for any other purpose apart from cooking ?
Ans. PNG can be used for heating, air conditioning, power generation etc.
Q. Is PNG required as fuel for industries as well ? What do you mean by Commercial PNG ?
Ans. Yes, industries with the requirement less than 50,000 SCM per day can be catered for supplying fuel under City Gas Distribution. Requirement of fuel for commercial units like hotels, restaurants, malls shopping complex etc. can be categorised PNG.
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PNG complaint redressalIGL 24*7 Customer Care No. 1800 102 5109 / 18001805109 (Toll Free).
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Emergency Customer Care Numbers (Please note that these numbers are to be used in case of an Emergency only) For Delhi
Zone Si No Control Room Zonal Emergency Number Control Room Number Delhi Emergency Number
Central 1 Kakanagar 8130995001 65657970 8130995000
2 CGO 65699468
3 Sarojini Nagar 65653872
4 Okhla 65699467
5 Udyan Marg 64691003
6 Punjabi Bagh 64690366
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8 Nelson Mandela 65652326
9 Pushp Vihar 64735996
West 10 Dwarka 8130995003 64512602
11 Janakpuri 24506084
12 Paschim Vihar 64519118
Zone Si No Control Room Zonal Emergency Number Control Room Number Delhi Emergency Number
North 13 Rohini-19 8130995004 65286536 8130995000
14 Rohini-10 64690285
15 Pitampura 64510018
16 Derawal Nagar 64590054
17 Nerela 64690821
East 18 Vivek Vihar 8130995005 64690283
19 Patparganj 65286448
20 Mayur Vihar 64508305
21 Dilshad Garden 64644933
For Ncr
1. GR. NOIDA » 8130995006
2. GHAZIABAD »   8130995007
3. NOIDA »  8130995008

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