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We at IGL envisage a long lasting friendship between CNG and its consumers. And while every friendship in itself is to be desired, it is said the initial cause of friendship is from its advantages.

Furthermore, when you are apprised of the advantages of using CNG, this friendship is certain to leap from being strong to stronger.

The advantages of using CNG are varied and distinct. The first and most important benefit of using CNG is that you are using a 'green fuel'.

Presented below is an outline of the benefits that CNG offers –

  • Green fuel -
    Commonly referred to as the green fuel because of its lead and sulphur free character, CNG reduces harmful emissions. Being non-corrosive, it enhances the longevity of spark plugs. Due to the absence of any lead or benzene content in CNG, the lead fouling of spark plugs, and lead or benzene pollution are eliminated.

  • Increased life of oils -
    Another practical advantage observed is the increased life of lubricating oils, as CNG does not contaminate and dilute the crankcase oil.

  • Mixes evenly in air -
    Being a gaseous fuel CNG mixes in the air easily and evenly.

  • Safety -
    CNG is less likely to auto-ignite on hot surfaces, since it has a high auto-ignition temperature (540 degrees centigrade) and a narrow range (5%-15%) of inflammability. It means that if CNG concentration in the air is below 5% or above 15%, it will not burn. This high ignition temperature and limited flammability range makes accidental ignition or combustion very unlikely.

    Properties Unit Petrol Diesel LPG CNG
    Relative density Water = 1 0.74 0.84 0.55 -
    Relative density Air =1 - - 1.285 0.64
    Temperature Degree C 360 280 374 540
    Flammability Range % in Air 1-8 0.6-5.5 2.2-9.0 5-15
    Flame Temperature Degree C 2,030 1,780 1,983 1,900
    Octane Number - 87 - 93 127

  • Low operational cost -
    The operational cost of vehicles running on CNG, as compared to those running on other fuels, is significantly low.At the prevailing price of fuel in Delhi,operational cost of CNG vehicles is 66% lower than petrol and 28% lower than diesel.
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CNG Outlets
PNG complaint redressalIGL 24*7 Customer Care No. 1800 102 5109 / 18001805109 (Toll Free).
Emergency No. 155216 / 1800111817
Emergency Contacts
Emergency Customer Care Numbers (Please note that these numbers are to be used in case of an Emergency only) For Delhi
Zone Si No Control Room Zonal Emergency Number Control Room Number Delhi Emergency Number
Central 1 Kakanagar 8130995001 65657970 8130995000
2 CGO 65699468
3 Sarojini Nagar 65653872
4 Okhla 65699467
5 Udyan Marg 64691003
6 Punjabi Bagh 64690366
South 7 RK Puram 8130995002 65486339
8 Nelson Mandela 65652326
9 Pushp Vihar 64735996
West 10 Dwarka 8130995003 64512602
11 Janakpuri 24506084
12 Paschim Vihar 64519118
Zone Si No Control Room Zonal Emergency Number Control Room Number Delhi Emergency Number
North 13 Rohini-19 8130995004 65286536 8130995000
14 Rohini-10 64690285
15 Pitampura 64510018
16 Derawal Nagar 64590054
17 Nerela 64690821
East 18 Vivek Vihar 8130995005 64690283
19 Patparganj 65286448
20 Mayur Vihar 64508305
21 Dilshad Garden 64644933
For Ncr
1. GR. NOIDA » 8130995006
2. GHAZIABAD »   8130995007
3. NOIDA »  8130995008

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Delhi Fire Service: 101
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